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GTK launches new Ultra high contrast Mono - OLED

GTK launches new Ultra high contrast Mono - OLED

The latest addition to GTKs range of optoelectronics displays is the monochrome OLED.

Available in a variety of display sizes and resolution this technology has an exceptional contrast ratio (2000:1) a viewing angle of 160 degrees, response time 10ms, and brightness of 100cd/m2.

This product is available in a variety of sizes and colours, with some variants offered in multiple colour options enabling OEM's to differentiate products within a family. Colour options include: white, yellow, green, amber & blue.


This module is ultra-thin, requires no backlight and has low power consumption, which makes it ideal for design in to compact consumer devices. The versatility of this product, in terms of its performance characteristics, makes it suitable for numerous product applications including: Data Loggers, Audio Products, Bluetooth Car Kits and DAB Radio.

Clive Dickinson, Optoelectronics Business Manager said The new Mono OLED is ideal for numerous applications, whether industrial or commercial. It is simple to configure and we are able to customise the flexible circuitry to accommodate customers design requirements.

For more information on this new product, click here.

Omnetics' Quality now available in Micro-D

Minneapolis, USA, Sept 2010…

Omnetics Connector Corp, the leading manufacturer of Micro and Nano miniature and high reliability connectors, has expanded its product line with the addition of the standard Micro-D connector.

Omnetics Micro-D Connectors are ideal for critical, high reliability industries including aerospace, military, and medical.

They are also used in devices such as: Optics, guidance systems, on-board equipment, Space and UAV systems.


Omnetics' Micro- D connector are highly rugged and compact, available from 9 to 51 contacts with termination types ranging from wire- to-wire, surface mount, solder cup and thru-hole and are built to meet and exceed the shock and vibration requirements of MIL-DTL-83513. The connectors incorporate Omnetics' one-piece flex pin design for greater shock and vibration resistance. The high reliability gold plated flex pin is designed for >2,000 mating cycles.

Comments Nick Sanders, Project Engineer: "Our Micro-D's are compatible with industry standard interfaces and military standards. We have designed them with fewer components to yield a more streamline and higher quality product. They can be easily modified to fit custom applications. Our new Micro-D thru-hole connectors have the most compact layout available. This design translates into space savings for circuit board layout and reduction of weight for the system. These thru-hole connectors are offered in straight and right angle versions and can be readily built with multiple hardware styles or even customized for user specified mounting conditions. In addition, we offer a variety of interchangeable surface mount Micro-D solutions to extend our board mounting possibilities."

Omnetics Nano-to-Flex Connectors Solve Big Problems in Small Spaces

Minneapolis, Minnesota, January 2010

Omnetics Connector Corporation, the leading manufacturer of miniature high-rel connectors, is utilizing their nano-connector Bi-lobes® to help handle difficult signal routing and interconnect issues.

As circuit miniaturization programs continue to provide more and more products aimed at both high electrical performance and rugged portability the Bi-Lobe connector saves space and weight, while increasing performance above previous models.


Omnetics nano connectors assure small, ruggedized interconnect for custom circuit modules. Mil. Spec Interconnects on flexible circuits solve "Form and Fit" problems by combining high-density flexible circuits with Military Quality Nano-connectors. Performance is assured while solving the most extreme reliability requirements. Success is in fitting interconnects into the unique shapes and wiring patterns required by today's modular designs with proven materials and design methods. The flex circuits are custom designed to meet objectives of the instrument. Omnetics connectors are attached to double or single sided flex circuitry. Connector models offer vertical, horizontal or edge- mounting to optimize design solutions. Pin counts range from 2 to over 65 positions.

States Bob Stanton, New Product Development Manager, "Circuit miniaturization programs continue to provide more and more products aimed at both high electrical performance and rugged portability but still ability to save space and weight, while increasing performance. These circuits require high flexibility and long lasting performance. Omnetics Bi-Lobe Connectors Omnetics' double side edge-connect nano-connector mates perfectly with .025" pitch routing for lower cost assembly and highest reliability."

About Omnetics
Omnetics was formed in 1984 to deliver rugged, reliable interconnect solutions for the most demanding industries. The company has a fully integrated design and manufacturing plant in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA, where it produces micro and nano miniature interconnect products, featuring COTS, Standards and Custom connectors for industries such as Military, Aerospace, Defense, Medical and other technology oriented OEMs.

Genalog wins coveted Harwin Distributor of the Year Award!


Graham Reed, Genalog’s Managing Director and founder
collected the award from Harwin’s Chairman Damon de Laszlo earlier this month.

Hawkhurst July 2010:

Genalog, the independent franchised distributor has won regional Distributor of the Year from UK Connector Manufacturer Harwin plc…

Graham Reed, Genalog's Managing Director and founder collected the award from Harwin's Chairman Damon de Laszlo earlier this month. He [Reed] said "This is a great achievement for Genalog we strive to offer the high service and quality our customers demand and expect. I congratulate all those involved."

I congratulate all those involved…” Comments Gavin Darling Northern Europe Distribution Manager "We are delighted to announce Genalog as our regional distributor of the year."

Harwin has enjoyed a long and fruitful partnership with Genalog and we particularly value their expertise in serving the MIL/Aero, Medical, Industrial, Petro-chemical and Space interconnect markets. Genalog's commitment to service plus their technical expertise are two further reasons for the award."

Genalog and UL

Hawkhurst July 2010:

As well as being award winning franchised distributors, Genalog also offers a value added service of manufacturing cable assemblies to customers drawing and specifications. Every cable assembly is tested and our production is covered by BS EN ISO 9001:2008 (approved by BSI).

Genalog UL LogoAdded to our profile we can now offer the Component Recognition Program of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. "Wiring Harnesses" (ZPFW2 and ZPFW8) under file no. E338838. For more information, please visit or

Please contact our Sales department if you require a quotation on any cable assemblies to the UL standard.
Genalog Ltd. Gills Green Oast, Gills Green, Hawkhurst, Kent. TN18 5ET01580 753754,

Reprinted from the Online Certifications Directory with permission from Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Copyright © 2010 Underwriters Laboratories Inc.®"

Souriau signs Genalog as a new reseller

Genalog, the specialist e-mech component distributor, is pleased to announce the addition of Souriau to its extensive range of connector manufacturers.

Genalog, the specialist e-mech component distributor, is pleased to announce the addition of Souriau to its extensive range of connector manufacturers.

Souriau is one of the major suppliers of industrial interconnect technologies. Offering a wide array of solutions from standard to harsh environment for signal and power transmission either with copper or fiber optics technologies.

Continuous investment in R&D and independent laboratory paralleled by a strong quality commitment through ISO 9001 and ISO14001 certifications enables Souriau to give the best of leading-edge technology tailored for
industrial markets.

Graham Reed, Genalog’s Managing Director, said “Being a specialist design-in distributor we feel that Souriau will compliment our current range of manufacturing partners and will enable Genalog to offer a more complete interconnect solution to our customers....”

Peter Herbert, Director of Souriau UK said “I am looking forward to working with Genalog. We consider them to be a specialist reseller with the ability to work with customers in various fields and be able to offer them a solution from Souriau...”

Free cutting service covers Harwin’s pin header and socket range

Unique capability from franchised distributor Genalog increases flexibility and speeds production.



Portsmouth, August 2008

As leading franchise distributor for Harwin we are un ique in offering a free cutting service covering the hi-rel connector maker’s pin header and socket range. Customers can order a comprehensive range of Harwin pin-headers and sockets ex-stock from Genalog, with no minimum order quantity or pack-size restrictions. Genalog is the only franchised distributor in Europe approved by high-reliability connector maker Harwin to offer this service. All work conforms to ISO9001: 2000 standards.

Paul Bennett, Genalog’s Sales Manager comments: “As a leading Harwin distributor, we are delighted to offer our Harwin customers this value-added service; they will pay no more for the parts we have processed in-house and will not be charged for any set-up or wastage.”

Genalog has invested in technical expertise, stock, machines, hand-tools and other equipment to handle pin headers and socket strips of any pitch down to 1.27mm. Both SIL (single in line) and DIL (dual in line), through hole and SMT (surface mount) parts are available. Most Harwin connector ranges are held in stock as “full strip” – the maximum size on any series – so connectors with any number of positions are available.

Harwin is a manufacturer of standard & custom interconnect components with an enviable reputation for high quality and exceptional customer service. From its UK headquarters, Harwin has been successfully manufacturing electronic components for more than 50 years. Harwin’s sales and service extend worldwide via offices and manufacturing facilities in the UK, USA, Germany Singapore & Taiwan and a world wide distribution network. Products include: High Reliability devices; RFI & PCB Hardware; and an extensive range of industry standard interconnection solutions. The company operates a continuous product development program, and offers a custom connector design service.



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