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The New Brady BMP21-Plus
Tough on the Outside, Smart on the Inside!

The Brady BMP21-Plus is a new entry level portable label printer for on the job labelling in electrical, telecom, datacoms and general industrial environments.

Combining a tough exterior with smart printing capabilities, the BMP21-Plus hand-held label printer can take a beating and still perform. Offering drop-lock-and-go-cartridges, plus a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, plus protective rubber bumpers, plus a two year warranty adds up to the brains and brawn needed to take on the day-to-day rigours of any job. Once you experience its unstoppable labelling power for wires, cables, flat surfaces and more, you’re not going to want to share.

Extremely rugged and durable:

  • Drop tested printer, super rugged with moulded rubber bumpers provide optimal protection from falls
  • Ergonomic, centre balanced printer with grab and go ridges grip for easy handling
  • Long life rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Ergonomic cutter and label grabber, holding the label after cutting, preventing it from falling out
  • Heavy-duty magnet accessory and lanyard for hands-free printing

Easy to use:

  • 2 line LCD display provides clear visibility
  • ABC keypad, graphics library, hot keys and menu functions for fast label creation
  • Smart Cell Technology for automatic label setup and automatic formatting for wire wraps, terminal blocks, patch panels, cable flags and general labels
  • Multi-functional accessory with magnet, flashlight and retractable printer stand for easy handling

Engineered long lasting material quality:

  • Prints durable true-sized 6-19mm wide identification to maximise amount of data
  • Adjust the length of the labels using the high performance continuous material
  • Fulfil your requirements with up to 7 different industry specifies materials that last

Harwin Datamate

Introducing Harwin Datamate Crimp Connectors

The Mixed Layout Connector That Includes Power to 20A, Signal to 3A and Coax ti 6 GHz.

Harwin's Datamate is a high reliability connector system that suits applications where shock and vibration are a concern or reliability is vital. Offering 3A per contact on a 2mm pitch the connector is capable of very high levels of performance in a small space envelope and withstands shocks of up to 100G with no discontinuity of signal.

Datamate crimp connectors are available with a variety of latches or fixing screws for additional security of connection, including the recently added 101Lok quick release, spring loaded screws. The products can be used in wire to wire or wire to board applications.

Genalog a re able to offer Harwin's Datamate as loose pieces with crimp tooling or full wire harnesses to your specifications using our UL approved assembly division.


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Datamate Mix-Tek Off The Shelf

High Reliability Connector System That Comes in a Variety of Crimp Options.

Datamate Mix-Tek extends the popular Datamate range to include mixed layouts of power, signal and coax in one connector housing. Preferred layouts are now offered from stock to reduce lead times.

Configurations include power only from 2-10 power contacts and mixed contact from 2 signal/2 power through to 12 signal/4 power. The standard range focuses on the most popular male PCB contact styles mated with female cable options. Hexagonal slotted Jackscrews are offered across the range.

Genalog's technical proficiency gives us the ability to provide solutions that our competitors cannot which will mean that we will be able to help into creating the perfect Mix-Tek solution for your specific needs and requirements.


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Micro & Nano Water-tight Connectors for the Surveillance Industry

The ultra-miniature circular connectors measure up to IP67/8 testing for water-tight and dust-exposure certification testing.  Nano and Micro sizes are available and are some of the smallest and most useful in the industry beginning at less than 9.14mm diameter for the six positions and less than 12.7mm diameter for the 28 position nano-circular connectors.  Shielded cabling is banded to the metal shells giving excellent EMI protection thru the cable and the mated connector system. 
See details at:

Circular metal shells house the connector assembly to provide strength and handling for rugged applications. When shielded cable is included in the interconnection design, the metal cable shielding is wrapped and banded in a 360 degree contact system to the metal shell to insure completed EMI protection for the application. Finally the over-molded connector assembly has been specifically designed to assist in pre-mating alignment, as well as completing and insuring a strong water-tight seal.  Many strain relief styles are available, depending on cable type and application needs.  Connector designs include the standard cable to panel-mount style and can include wire to wire mating systems.  Standard wiring used in nano-circular connectors include Teflon® insulated 32 AWG high-performance copper that carries up to 1 ampere while micro-circular connectors use up to 26 AWG wire, yielding current ratings of 3 amperes of current.  

High speed cable that includes shielding or drain wire systems, similar to Surefire® cabling with 100 ohm impedance and differential pairs, is used to improve digital signal transmission speeds, reduce EMI and match up with circuits designed to those specifications. 

Applications demanding ultra-miniature cable and connector designs are emerging rapidly with the increase in portability of electronic products and modules.  Digital electronic products using low voltage and low current sources have significantly expanded the use of technologies in the open field as well as greatly increase the use of quick replacement modules of many instruments.   Unmanned vehicles demanding long flight times benefit from the very light weight and small sizes of the new nano and micro-interconnection systems.   Equipment uses range from those sending higher speed digital signals such as surveillance systems, and offering personal protective systems, such as fire and bomb detection to miniature robotics and even prosthetics for direct human assistance.  

Designers can benefit by selecting standard formats for prototype and testing followed by requesting their own application specific connector formats to be designed from Omnetics' solid works model center.   Details, drawings and formats can be seen or requested at Omnetics through the Omnetics website,    

Counter Terror Expo 2014

CTX 2014 is the largest international event to mitigate threats, protect against terroist attacks and understand modern day risks, connecting the entire security sector within Government, Military, Law Enforcement, Emergancy Services, Private Sector and the Security Services.

We will be at Stand L50 so come and see us and one of our manufacturers, Omnetics and see what we have to offer!

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Genalog wins Distributor of the Year Award from Omnetics Connector Corp. For the second time in three years!

Receiving this award is Genalog's Sales Director, Mr Paul Bennett from Mr Joe Held – International Sales Manager for Omnetics Connector Corp.

Omnetics, known for their high quality miniature Nano and Micro connectors including the MIL-DTL-32139 spec BiLobe connector range have now been represented in the UK and Ireland by Genalog Ltd for the past 5 years. During this time, Genalog have been successful in introducing other product ranges to a whole host of customers in numerous market areas.

Joe Held said "We couldn't be more pleased with the growth we have seen market in the past 3 years. It has nearly doubled in the past year alone. We owe a great deal of this success to Genalog, their technical knowledge and great customer care pushes us to be better and raise our game as well. We have great opportunities and expectations for the UK market in the upcoming years."

Paul Bennett added "And we are very happy to be the recipient of this coveted award again. Bearing in mind this is the second time in 3-years and is only awarded to one distributor in the world, it is a great achievement. Our sales team and Omnetics should be commended for the help and support they have offered our customers over the last 12-months. I am confident we will continue to see strong sales in the UK in the coming years."

Genalog is an independent, design-in, distributor based in Hawkhurst, Kent. Genalog specialise in connectors, cables, cable-assemblies and associated products and have provided a quality service to our customers over the last 30 years.

Further information on Genalog can be found at
Further information on Omnetics can be found at

Brady BBP85 Label Printer Offer

 Brady offers you a BBP85- tailored trolley to make your entrance with when you showcase the printer to your customers. Also, because Brady are still feeling in that festive spirit, they are also taking 50% off of the BBP85 Label Printer with your BBP85 purchase.

 Hurry as this is only for a limited time - Offer ends January 31st 2014!

 The New Year sure is looking good and so will your BBP85 Label Printer on your BBP85 trolley.

 The BBP85 Label Printer is an excellent tool to print large safety signs with clear messages to warn and inform people at work. Information at the point of need is crucial in workplace safety. 

 Don't Miss This Offer! Contact Us and order your BBP85 Label Printer at -50% with a free trolley included!

 *Offer expires on January 31, 2014. Promotion limited to two BBP85 Label Printers per Brady distributor partner. 

Genalog Christmas Shutdown

The Latest From Alpha Wire

Alpha Wire Now Offers A Continuous Flex Version of the Popular Xtra-Guard Industrial Ethernet

Alpha Wire have added a new high-flex member to their Xtra-Guard Industrial Ethernet family, capable of handling up to 10 million flex life cycles. The Cat 5e cable combines the advanced technology of Ethernet communication with the durability and reliability of Alpha's renowned Xtra-Guard high performance cable line, making it the perfect solution for demanding applications.

The new continuous flexing Xtra-Guard Industrial Ethernet is available with a Polyolefin (PO) insulation and Alpha's renowned Supra-Shield foil/brand shielding system. Supra-Shield uses a triple-layer foil under tinned copper braid to offer exceptional EMI performance in all applications. The cable, along with the rest of its line, is UV and fluid resistant, meets UL 1666 Riser and CSA FT-4 flame tests, and is suitable for use in NFPA 79 applications.

The new item has been assigned the part number 7602F and is available in 500 and 1000 foot put-ups with a black jacket. Custom configurations are also available upon request.

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Alpha Wire Extends Their EcoCable Product Line into 26 and 28 AWG

Alpha Wire has expanded its popular line of EcoCable Control cables to now include smaller 26 and 28 AWG sizes. Utilizing innovative 100% recyclable MPPE insulation and jacketing, EcoCable is designed to be up to 47% smaller and 65% lighter, with up to 87% lower outgassing than standard PVC cable. Additionally, EcoCable contains no halogens or phthalates.

The additional size offerings will be available in unshielded, Foil shielded, and Foil/Braid shielded configurations. EcoCable is a UL AWM 21915 and CSA-Rated cable, available in 100ft, 1000ft and bulk lengths. EcoCable is RoHS and REACH Certified, and is suitable for NFPA 79 applications.

EcoCable is part of Alpha Wire's revolutionary EcoGen line of smaller and recyclable wire and cable products. In addition to EcoCable, EcoGen includes EcoFlex, EcoWire and EcoWire Plus.

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The Latest From Omnetics

Omnetics Ruggedised Strip Connectors Provide Fast and Firm Mating For High Density Circuits in Miniature and Portable Electronics

Micro Strip Connectors at .050" pitch with high reliability pin and socket systems offer proven reliability in extreme environments.

High reliability strip connectors using ruggedized insulators and military quality Flex Pin technology are focused on providing the best and strongest strip-style interconnections in the world. These units have proven both signal integrity and reliability in many of the most demanding instruments, including mission critical portable electronics for armed forces' systems.

Connectors are designed and manufactured in the United States with performance and ease of use as the main feature. The ultra-low profile and rugged format makes it an ideal fit, for inside-the-box, as well as high reliability board to board solution.

The key elements, pins and sockets, have passed QPL standard tests in complimentary designs by using a beryllium-copper spring metal-pin for mating and employ nickel and gold plating. The insulator body of high-strength polyphenylene sulphide provides exceptional dielectric qualities to help manage signal quality and the ruggedness to offer very low-profile interconnects for higher density stacked modules. Up to 26 gauges Teflon insulated stranded wired are used to provide up to 3 amps of current when needed. Wires are crimped to the contacts and sealed with an epoxy back-potting system that ensures wire retention and strain relief.

Omnetics strip connectors are well-established products in our COTS and standards family, and design options, sizes and shapes are available.

Applications using micro strip connectors have expanded greatly as circuits have got smaller and more portable. Ruggedness has become critical in many of the new uses for portable electronics. Unmanned aerial vehicles require low weight and small size but also demand rugged performance, especially during landing. Land based robotic circuits have high shock and continuous vibration requirements and contain field replaceable modules that need to be switched quickly. Missile systems use strip connectors that can handle the 3 amps of current in a small and low profile module during high speed vibration.

High performance circuits remain in demand but are getting smaller and travelling constantly. Omnetics micro strip connectors help reduce size and weight while remain very rugged and offer high performance.

For more information on this product line or any other please visit:

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The New Right Angle Micro Circular Option Is Here

Omnetics have now added another tail termination to its popular Micro 360 degree series. These low weight, ultra rugged circular connectors are currently available in four barrel sizes: 5, 12, 16 and 27 positions. Previous tail termination types had allowed customers to use this high Rel circular in soldercup, pre-wired and straight thru-hole options.Omnetics have since expanded two of these barrel sizes (5 & 12) to include a right angle thru-hole option.

Since their inception in 1992, Omnetics circular connectors have been specifically designed to save space and weight, while increasing interconnect reliability with Mil Spec components and materials. Continuously used in military, medical, and industrial applications.

Omnetics micro circular have proven their rugged reliability, and have now expanded their usage in an attempt to save even more space on a board with the addition of the right angle thru-hole mounting capabilities.

This right angle micro circular product also includes the option to add stand-offs to the insulator as well depending on your particular application.

For more information on this product line or any other please visit:

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Omnetics Line of Miniature Connectors Provide Up to 2 Gigabit/Second Speed in Highly Rugged Environments

Nano-Connectors maintain high signal integrity for improved differential signal management in portable and miniature electronics.

Omnetics' Nano miniature connectors are designed and connected to impedance controlled cable systems to provide high quality signal integrity for High speed Gigabit signal processing needs between components and systems in highly rugged environments.

Additional benefits when using the nano-miniature connectors are less space and a lower weight. Previous versions of the micro-connectors at .050" pitch, and even larger Mil-spec circular connectors such as 38999 have been used, but are holding back the miniaturization as well as the overall portability of many systems. Omnetics employs its standard line of nano-sized Bi-Lobe connectors at .025" pitch that are mated with high speed cable using differential signal hook-up methods that include dedicated drain wires to achieve the highest speeds possible. Up to two Gigabits and over are being achieved per second as cable lengths are maintained at a minimum length, and impedance matching is managed to retain the best possible performance.

Omnetics maintains a high speed modelling and testing facility that is staffed with experienced engineers to work directly with the designer. This attention to detail early in the design stage helps to save the customer time and money, whilst still achieving the highest signal integrity performance needed for the application. Design options are available and can be discussed as new design sizes, shapes and challenges arise.

EMI (electro-magnetic interference), needs serious attention as digital speeds increase and components are physically squeezed into smaller and tighter environments. Cable shielding and drain-wire methods are changing too, mainly as a way of protecting the signals being sent from one end to the other. Omnetics' Nano-connectors provide an excellent source of ground management with their all-metal shells and shielded cable.

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Introducing the New BMP41 Label Printer
One & Done

Genalog are pleased to announce the arrival of the new BMP41 Label Printer from Brady. We are pleased to be promoting the new printer to our customers.

The BMP41 Label Printer:
The BMP41 Label Printer is the only printer electrical installers and datacoms specialists need to answer all their identification challenges in order to get all the necessary labelling done easier and faster, and to get on with the day ahead.

The BMP41 label printer saves time and money by printing labels once and getting it done.

The printer's rugged drop-tested design, large LCD backlit display and Qwerty keypad makes the BMP41 suitable for work in any environment. An all-in-one cartridge system makes changing supplies quick and easy. The BMP41 also comes with a 300 dpi print head which gives clear crisp labels with small fonts to fit on your smallest of wire.

Combined with Brady's long lasting quality labels, the BMP41 provides all required identification for years to come.

To find out more about the new BMP41label printer please see the attached BMP41 Brochure and flyer.


Please get in contact with us!

You can go to our website on and go to our call-back form to request a call-back for more information or a quotation.

Or you can phone us direct on 01580 753754

Or you can request a visit from our Director for a demo of the new printer and to discuss your requirements.

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New Product Announcement

Genalog are pleased to announce the launch of Harwin's additional EZ-Shield Clip Sizes.

The SMT EMI/RFI shield clips are now available in 7 different sizes which enables a space saving placement of shield cans to a PCB without post soldering.

Shield clips save PCB space and reduce assembly and rework time by eliminating through-hole manufacturing processes and are packaged in industry standard tape and reel packaging.


  • Eliminates the need for post reflow solder operations
  • Allows easy shield placement and removal
  • Compatible with industry standard placement machines and packaged in standard (EIA 481) Tape and Reel format
  • Spring contact design provides secure retention
  • New, low profile and right angle versions have been added
  • Clips can be placed anywhere on the PCB, eliminating through holes


  • Cost-effective, process improving alternative to hand soldering
  • Simplifies assembly and re-work/maintenance
  • Integrates into existing manufacturing processes
  • Secure retention of the shield can is possible without soldering
  • New styles add design flexibility
  • Saves PCB real estate

To request some free samples please contact us at
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The Brady BBP11 Permanently Reduced in Price! 

The Brady BBP11 is a compact desktop label printer which provides high quality thermal transfer printing at a low cost.

The BBP11 is getting a permanent price reduction of 30% on all existing printer models. 

The Brady BBP11 is an entry level thermal transfer printer for asset labelling, cable marking and much more.

This entry level printer is perfect for printing lower volumes of labels (<500 labels/day), mainly in the product identification and wire and cable identification market. The printer is ideal for customers who have a preference for a reliable, durable and low cost solution.  

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A Wider Range of Mixed Technology, Hi-Rel Connectors from Harwin are Now Available from Stock

Harwin has broadened the range of its Datamate Mix-Tek mixed-technology connector series that is available as standard off-the-shelf products. Now horizontal and coax versions of the popular 2mm pitch hi-rel family are immediately available for designers, reducing design time.

Harwin's Datamate Mix-Tek connector range can be customer-specified in a huge number of configurations of signal, power and coax contacts.

In order to respond to industry demands for fast turn-around, Harwin has made the most commonly-chosen variations available as standard items. The new horizontal format and coax contact variants add to 41 other configurations that are also stocked as standards items, these include power only configurations from 2-10 power contacts and mixed contact configurations from 2signal/2 power through to 12signal/4 power. The standard range focuses on the most popular male PCB contact styles mated with female crimp options. Hexagonal slotted jackscrews are offered across the range.

Datamate Mix-Tek connectors feature power contacts rated for use at up to 20 amps, signal contacts are rated at up to 3 amps and the 50 ohm coax contacts are rated at 6 Hz. Mouldings are polarised and carry  the UL94V-) rating.

Harwin Adds New Datamate Options For Extra Design Flexibility

Harwin has increased the flexibility of its industry-recognised 2mm pitch Datamate hi-rel connector family with new versions. Harwin now offers its single-in-line, surface mount version in vertical configuration, while the recently announced extra-small bore product is now available with jackscrews for extra mating security.

The vertical SIL Datamate connectors will suit any application where PCB space is at a premium. Devices come with three mating options; friction latch, locking latch or without latches. The additional jackscrews will ensure contact is maintained even in environments which are subject to severe shock and vibration.

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Genalog's Gone Green!!

As part of Genalog's recycling program, Genalog have been able to save 18.444 trees from destruction in 2012 in our latest environmental accomplishment.

Genalog have participated in Shred-it's shredding and recycling program from February 2012 in order to try and make sure that we are being environmentally friendly.


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Rugged Miniaturization for PC Boards Furnished by Omnetics' Surface-Mount Nano-Connectors

Omnetics Connector Corporation has completed a full line of Nano-D shaped connectors designed for automatic and hand assembly for densely packed miniature printed circuit boards and certificated for MIL-DTL-32139.

As circuit boards are used in more portable and rugged environmental applications, interconnections to and from those printed circuits become a critical element. Nano-connectors offer a significant reduction in overall size and weight over the larger micro-d connectors and are offered from 9 to 65 positions. Omnetics' nano-pin and socket system includes a beryllium copper spring pin with specific annealing to and both elements are plated to military standards using nickel and gold to extend the number of mating cycles to over 2,000 mates and de-mates. The nano-connectors can be mounted and fit into the tight nano-size spacing of .025 inch pin to pin spacing in the boards. Additional mounting and locking screws are included in the all metal shells to secure the body to the board itself. Plated and or solder-dipped leads extend from the pins and sockets out of the connector shell in prearranged patterns to exactly match the solder pads on the p.c. board.

Shells and leads are designed to work well with automatic pick and place surface mounting equipment and can be delivered in a number of feed-formats for the manufacturer. Vertical and horizontal surface mounting formats are the most frequently used shell styles and mate with wired connectors that route signals to other portions of the instrument. Wired plugs come with the standard military jack-screw locking mechanisms and or a new squeeze latching system that passes military shock and vibration testing for pull out force.

The new squeeze latch system works best with devices that require frequent plug-n and removal procedures for the instrument because no tools are required. Both latching designs have been certified for high reliability applications. Plugs most often, include30 awg Teflon insulated wire but can range to 38 awg, to reduce size and improve cable flexibility. Custom cabling is often specified by the system designer. As higher speed digital circuitry and impedance matching becomes increasingly important, Omnetics can design with high impedance cable including twisted pair and drain wires. Preliminary design modelling to predict high speed digital performance in the interconnect system and custom design with solid works are available for review and approval prior to building the final product.

All materials and interconnects can operate from -55 degrees centigrade to +125 degrees centigrade.

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The Latest News From ebm papst

ebm-papst and the DV6300 diagonal compact fan

Diagonal compact fans for high pressure and low operating noise

Diagonal fans are ideal for applications with strict requirements regarding air performance with high backpressure and small installation space. The new fans of the DV 6300 series from ebm-papst now go a step further. Besides improved blower output, the fans with electronically regulated S-Force motor also offer additional functions such as temperature regulation, active motor cooling and filter monitoring with a signal output to indicate when a filter change is needed. The fans have a diameter of 172mm on the suction side, making them exactly the same size as the DV 6200 range. On the pressure side, the aerodynamically revised design has a diameter of 190mm and an installation depth of 51mm.the free-blowing air flow is up to 1100m/h3, the pronounced pressure saddle is up to 750 Pa. At 83.5 dB(A), operating noise in the high pressure range is about 8 dB(A) quieter than the older models at the same time operating point. That is due to various factors, one of them being a flange with noise-optimised links. With an efficiency of 85%, the 350W motor is configured for a long service life at nominal output in all components. That makes the new fan series particularly well suited for applications with high endurance loads, e.g. for motor frequency inverters and switch cabinets cooling, printing machines and heat exchangers.
These fans are also highly suitable for the more fluctuating cooling air requirements of IT/telecommunications applications such as base stations, servers, etc or in power inverters for wind turbines.



Ebm-papst and their new 420J series of compact fans

High-performance compact fan with great efficiency

ebm-papst's 420J line requires around 70% less power input and noise levels at 2-5 dB(A) lower than its predecessor model (depending on the operating point) and satisfies the company's own high "GreenTech" standards. The much lower power input reduces the impact on the environment across the entire operating time. To achieve this, the aerodynamics and EC drive for the fan – which measures 40 x 40 x 28mm – has been newly developed. At the moment, this is available as a 12V version operating at various speeds. The A 24V version and environmental protection versions are set to follow in the near future. The properties of this new series makes it predestined for use in IT servers, routers or even compact frequency inverters and welding inverters.


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A Powerful Prescription for Healthier Performance

For Alpha wire, they believe that selecting the right cable and wire solutions when designing the latest medical devices is paramount to ensuring that your products continue to earn a reputation for quality, reliability and performance. Our wire, cable, tubing and accessories allow you to create the critical interconnections for signals and power - with the performance you need and the reliability you require.

Alpha Wire understand the medical device market and have developed new products to meet the issues that are important to medical device manufacturers:

  • Traceability of manufacturing to meet FDA requirements
  • ISO 9001 certified to meet the highest quality needs
  • Validation - minimums as low as 1,000' on custom cable are ideal for R&D and prototyping 
  • USP Class VI material available 
  • Sterilization-resistant materials available
  • PVC and phthalate-free options to meet RoHS2, WEEE, and REACH requirements

 Alpha Wire offers the best service in the industry: 

  • Broad inventory in stock
  • Same-day shipping
  • Small put-ups available
  • Extensive distributor network
  • Online Cable Design Center
  • Extensive custom cable design and manufacturing capabilities

Our products ensure your devices are easy to use: 

  • Ultra-flexibility
  • Miniaturized small diameter
  • Tangle free
  • Kink resistant
  • Low weight

Reliability to ensure a longer product life cycle: 

  • Long flex life
  • Low noise
  • High pull strength
  • Low elongation/high tensile strength
  • Ultra-fine wire constructions

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Harwin - Interconnect Design and Manufacture Connectors

Harwin's Archer 1.27mm Pitch Connector M50/M52 Range Is Delivering a Fine Pitch Reliability Whenever You Want It

Genalog has invested in a comprehensive stock package and production tooling. We now have the unique ability to manufacture cable assemblies in-house to any length without pack sizes or MOQ's. Should you require samples or further information please contact us.

Harwin's achievement in their M50 and M52 fine pitch board-to-board and cable-to-board connector series has meant that they have been able to give it the brand name of Archer.
Archer 1.27mm pitch board to board connectorsThis newly branded range is available to customers in a wide range of mating heights, with board-mounted sockets which can range from 2.2 to 8.5mm and with different mounting options being available there should be something to suit your needs. With the Archer being available in DIL and SIL styles with two different types of row spacing at 1.27 or 2.54mm, these connectors feature a current rating of 1A per contact and a voltage rating of 150V AC and also an insulation resistance of a minimum of 1,000MΩ. Harwin have been able to create this product so that the insertion force can be as low as 0.6N max with an operating temperature range of -40 to 105°c.
Harwin's board-to-board connector series includes:

  • M50-3xx and Variant Pin Headers and Cable Assemblies – 1.27mm pitch double row headers and sockets, board-to-board and cable-to-board
  • M50-4xx – 1.27mm pitch double row board-to-board headers and sockets with polarisation and shrouding
  • M52, including Variant Pin Headers – 1.27mm x 2.54mm pitch, single and double row board to board

The Archer connectors are suitable for a huge number of applications, they include; industrial controls, PoS terminals, automotive control units, test equipment, security systems, datacoms products, communications, diagnostic equipment and Mil/Aero systems.
For Product Browsers and Catalogue pages please use the links below.

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Alpha Wire Introduces UL and CSA Tray-Rated Flexible VFD Cable

Industrial Series V CableAlpha Wire has added the "V-Flex" cable to their range. This is a flexible version of the Series V VFD cable. The new V-Flex cables are the latest innovation in cables for Alpha Wire that has designed specifically for variable frequency drives. This cable, featuring both UL and CSA tray cable ratings, has a low temperature rating of -40°c and a bend radius that has 5 times more bend than any standard cable. This cable also offers a great combination of ruggedness and routability.
The cable's cross-linked polyethylene insulation offers a better-quality resistance from corona discharge, superb low temperature properties and low capacitance for longer runs. On this cable, the TPE jacket can hold mostly everything from intense sunlight to corroding solvents. The static bend radius of up to 5 times more than any standard cable allows the V-Flex to be bent in order to fit into tight corners which, in turn gives an easier installation process. The round and symmetrical design will also help to reduce the diameter of the cables and makes for easier handling and routing.
The V-Flex cable has a TPE jacket and is available in sizes ranging from 16 AWG to 4 AWG, with a temperature range of -40°c to +90°c. The cables use a double shielding system to provide the maximum EMI protection over a wide frequency range. The shielding is a combination of aluminium, aluminium foil, copper braid and polyester with an 85% coverage.
Compatible with systems from all major VFD manufacturers, the new Series V-Flex cables are approved to a wide range of standards, including CSA CIC Control and TC and UL TC-ER, 1000 V Motor Supply Cable, and Sunlight Resistance.
This series will be suitable for use in NFPA 79 applications.
For more information go to to download data sheets and search for products.

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Alpha Wire Grows EcoGen™ Product Line with EcoCable™ and EcoFlex™

 Alpha Wire has unveiled the latest additions to its growing environmentally friendly product offering: EcoCable and EcoFlex. Utilizing the innovative 100% recyclable MPPE insulation found in EcoWire, EcoCable and EcoFlex are designed to be up to 65% lighter and 47% smaller, with up to 91% lower out gassing than traditional PVC cable. The two control cables are nonhalogenic and contain no heavy metal pigments, allowing them to meet RoHS and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) requirements.

Since the launch of the EcoWire, customers have been asking for a multiconductor version that retains all the size benefits of the EcoWire. In EcoCable and EcoFlex, Alpha Wire are able to offer two styles that can be said as the first of its kind in the cable industry.

About EcoGen™

EcoGen Products are the next generation of eco-friendly high-performance wire and cable designed to provide better performance, in a smaller package. All EcoGen products contain no halogens, phthalates or heavy metals, and are 100% recyclable. Their innovative mPPE insulation and jacket materials allow them to meet RoHS and WEEE Requirements for the elimination of hazardous substances and recyclability.

The mPPE insulation and jacketing found in all of our EcoGen products can be reground and reused without the need to add fresh compound. The same material can be extruded again and again and its electrical properties will not degrade. 

Download The Brochure.....

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Omnetics - New Challenges With Nano-Miniature Connectors 

Throughout military, medical and other technological oriented engineers, they are focused on new design efforts to not only modernize their existing operations but also to improve them in general, and improve flexibility as well as portability. With this in mind, Omnetics electronics and connectors in general are playing a vital role along with others in terms of reducing overall weight and size of systems. Maintaining yesterday's proven technology, although it is half the footprint.

Omnetics nano-miniature families of connectors are being used on a number of military applications. This program is manufactured by a group of five companies which is led by Selex Communications which includes: head-up displays, GPS, targeting systems, as well as other related communications equipment. Omnetics have now learned from past endeavors regardless of the industry, with each new technological trend, comes new challenges users must overcome and the nano-miniature connectors are no different. Comfort connectors such as MIL-38999 circulars and D-Subs are becoming too big. In some instance, Omnetics' very own MIL-83513 Micro D's are becoming too large, as the connectors themselves are becoming the limiting factor.

Omnetics have a range of nano-miniature connectors which are available with temperature ranges as wide as -55 to 200 degrees. They are available in single-row as well as dual-row configurations up to 85 contacts. 

Omnetics BiLobe connectors come standard with nickel plated machined aluminum shells, and a variety of material options including; stainless steel or titanium shells are available for extra sturdiness. The nano connectors from Omnetics are also available in an environmentally sealed circular configuration. The nano-miniature series of connectors can be manufactured with flying leads, as jumper assemblies or as a custom harness with multiple connectors involved.

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Omnetics SureCon 360Connectors Conserve Space with IP67 Nano-sized Connectors

 Watertight nano-connectors pass shock, vibration and immersion testing

Many of the world's smallest and ruggedized ultra-miniature circular connectors are used within medical, commercial and military applications that require the best electrical performance for portable and miniature electronics.

To ensure integrity, Omnetics have used gold plated contacts that are polarized and shrouded by their unique liquid crystal polymer insulators. 

Omnetics over-molded sheels were specifically designed to assist in premating alignment, as well as, hold the connectors securely in place in order to guarantee a water tight seal on the equipment. the cable jackets, strain relief system and cable surfaces have been specifically designed so that this equipment has a good tactile feel and be able to maintain their flexibility all while providing a secure grip.

The connector insulator in the sizes of 6, 11 and 16 positions are available with their cables pre-attached. The connector body formats includes an in-line and protruding panel mount shells. Custom wire or cable designs are available from Omnetics as well as custom over-molded handles, and shapes which can meet the designer's specific applications.

the new SureCon 360 connectors have been designed with the pin and socket elements positioned on 25 one-thousands of an inch spacing in order to be able to reduce size and weight by as much as 3 times of the conventional micro-sized circular connectors that are in place as well.

The Nano-circular connector use is expanding increasingly as the chip voltage and current ratings are downsizing. The applications range in the military sector form the portable equipment such as on foot-soldiers and unmanned aerial vehicles to medical probes and sensors. With these types of applications, it will prefer a smaller connector on the cable, which will then be routed to other tactical or measureable equipment.

Available designs and shapes can be seen at the web address link below:

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Harwin's New Product - Gecko


Harwin's Gecko (G125 series) is a new product of connectors which provide a low profile, dual row cable-to-board and board-to-board interconnect solution, ideally suited for stacking and cable mating in areas where PCB real estate is at a premium.

With Harwin Taking space and weight into consideration, G125 connectors have been designed to offer high performance in a miniature package. the pin spacing of 1.25mm and up to 50 contacts per connector, it offers dense pin counts in a small package.01D - Cable Assemblies

With this design it means that the G125 connectors achieve a 35% space saving over other high performance connectors such as Micro-D.

This new product has been tested and proven to allow high performance in extreme conditions, the G125 family can operate within a wide temperature range (-65°C / +150°C) and under extreme vibration (Z axxis 100g 6ms). This high performance is made possible by Harwin's four-finger patented (pending*) Copper Alloy Contact.

* Patent Pending - UK 1205109.0

The Gecko has many features such as:

  • A pin spacing of 1.25mm
  • Up to 50 contacts per connector
  • 35% space saving over other high performance connectors
  • 2.8A per contact in insolation, 2A per contact simultaneously

"Reliability Just Got Smaller"

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Souriau UTL Series Connectors

UTL Series ConnectorsMain Features of this product include:

• UTL Series Connector & Cable Assemblies

• Dynamic Waterproof IP68/69K

• UV Resistant

• UL/IEC Compliant

Souriau is pleased to introduce the new UTL connector and cable assembly series as an addition to the popular Trim Trio interconnect product family. The UTL series complies with the current safety standards for Indoor/Ourdoor Lighting, Solar, Laboratory, Building/Factory Automation, Telecom/Datacom Infrastructure and many other applications. The new UTL product supports Dynamic IP68/69K, UV resistance and Current Interruption compliance as defined by UL1977 (hotpluggable).

In addition to offering the UTL overmolded cable assembly test kits, Souriau is also proud to simultaneously release a full range of a standard circular series cable assemblied to support quick response to customer prototype needs and a one-stop shopping solution.

The download of the UTL Series catalogue link is below in pdf format.

Download UTL Series catalog US (pdf)

Download UTL Series catalog Europe (pdf)


UTL e catalog

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Brady Announces 30% off Sale


Brady are very excited to be offering and running a printer promotion on several of their key printers.

Starts 1st May 2013 for THREE MONTHS

Certain printers will be offered with a discount of 30%.

Offer ends July 31st 2013

Follow the link below for more details and deals:

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Omnetics Connector Corporation Announces New Latching Micro-D and BiLobe Connectors for High Shock and Vibration Applications

Small, lightweight connectors are high strength and easy to use, they are ideal for the military, aerospace and medical equipment sectors.

Omnetics Connector Corporation’s new latching Micro-D and BiLobe connectors use a squeeze-latch system that offers important advantages in being able to make quick cable connections to mating connectors and panel equipment.

In addition to the equipment being very small and lightweight, the new latching connectors, which are available in both 25 and 50 one-thousands of an inch spacing have passed the extensive shock and vibration testing which was set upon them. The push and latch design considerably reduces the time and effort which is required to plug one of these connectors to a circuit. These slick and simple designs mean no need for tools which makes this design very simple and easy to use in any industry that decided to take on one of these connectors.

Omnetics uses a one-piece beryllium copper flex pin design which is plated with nickel/gold for strong service that operates from -55 degrees to +125 degrees C. Wired connectors include 26 AWG Teflon insulated copper wire that provides up to 3 amps per line on micro sizes and offer 30 and 32 AWG wiring for the nano-sized connectors.

The latching connectors offer a high reliability, are lightweight, rugged, have quick connection systems and have become an ideal fit for many equipment designs.

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Omnetics Meets Increasing Demands of Miniature Electronics Industry with Custom Designed Micro and Nano Cables

Omnetics-Latching-Micro-D-and-Nano-D-Connectors-300x207.jpgOmnetics’ miniature cables and connectors are designed to fit into tight and small spaces, meet connection routes and reduce weight.

The miniature electronics continue to add circuit functions and increased circuit speed while reducing size and increasing portability. For Omnetics to supply these demands, miniature cable harnesses use fine gauge wiring to remain flexible allowing them to withstand multiple signal systems while remaining strong for the tougher applications. When and if they are needed, the micro and nano connectors are available with locking systems which will enable continuous performance in high shock and vibration environments.

Omnetics design team works directly with system engineers to optimize cable size, flexibility and current carrying capability to ensure they meet the size and performance that is expected of them. Individual wiring inside cables are normally assembled with insulated copper wire composed of 7 or 19 strands per wire, but when flexibility is critical, stranding of up to 37 wires can be used. In some cases, cable routing will require “T” shaped breakouts for signal “drop-off” points that require precision wiring and a shielding management. The best solution for this would be a method of over-moulding, this is done as part of the cable assembly process before testing and carried out at the breakouts and at the final termination points.

When the diameter is not at a critical point but the flexibility or “low flex resistance “ becomes especially important, cables with loose  insulation jackets can be used to allow the wiring to be able to bend more effortlessly inside the jacketing material. Water proofing is repeatedly specified within the portable military and medical interconnections, probes and catheters and could also be in some cases, special seals, boots and/or materials are selected to provide a sealing, anti-bacterial protection as well as sterilization.

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Brady Announces New Lockout/Tagout Devices


Brady have announced that their new Lockout/Tagout products are now available in order to help achieve a higher level of safety. With the new Lockout/Tagout devices and tools, users can considerably reduce risks from hazardous energy sources during maintenance.

New devices such as the Brady Butterfly Valve Lockout which enables end-users to safly lock any butterfly valve in the "off" position during maintenance or inspections. These new products are available in two different sizes to lock out different sized valves.

The new Brady Plug Valve Lockout is a lockout system that is very simple to use for manually operated plug valves that are dificult to secure. This product is offered in several sizes in order to fit different plug valves.

The new Brady Double Looped Cable Lockout are in place to be used on overly large valves. This is a great alternative for a customer to use rather than the chains that come be heavy which is still ued in some industries for securing valves. The cable lengths can vary from 61cm to 244cm.

Finally, the new Brady Universal Fuse Lockout device is the first of its kind. This device can be secured using a padlock. This device will prevent reactivation of energy sources through any of the fuses and will fit most fuse holders between 20 Amps and 400 Amps.

Follow the link below for more details and prices on these new products:


ebm-papst is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high efficiency fan and motor products. ebm-papst compact fans have been the standard in electronics cooling for decades. Compact, quiet and highly efficient, the energy-saving fans adapt to the cooling situation and can be intelligently networked to the device logic. They are available for all voltages and in all standard sizes.

All ebm-papst products are manufactures in compliance with ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949:2009, and ISO14001.

Graham Reed, Genalog’s Managing Director, said “Being a specialist design-in distributor we feel that ebm-papst will compliment our current range of manufacturing partners and will enable Genalog to offer a more complete solution to our customers....”

Should you have any fan requirements please do not hesitate to contact our sales office. Samples and data are available on request.

IPC620- Cable Assembly Services part of our continued investment in our cable assembly services all of our production staff have been trained and certified to IPC/WHMA-A-620. This is in addition to our UL ZPFW2/ZPFW8 approval.
Cable assembly production now counts for over 25% of our total business and we are constantly investing in personnel and production equipment. Recent acquisitions include two Molex TM3000 crimp presses, and a number of Mical crimp presses. Inspection of our facilities is welcome and we are more than happy to offer a quotation on any cable assemblies you require.


Omnetics Micro Circular Connectors for Miniturization Of Medical Instruments

“Omnetics stocks high reliability connector inserts for fast design of medical-grade cables”

Diagnostic and monitoring devices, electronic catheters, probes, miniature camera systems, and patient-worn systems all demand increased portability and reduced size and weight.  Off-the-shelf micro circular connector inserts are often used by medical electronic instrument designers.  This promotes rapid assembly of physical prototypes and saves time and money. Design and details are available on Omnetics Connector website at

 These connectors and cables have been specifically designed to meet the demands for ruggedness and reliability of portable instruments.  By offering miniature connector systems small enough to be potted or molded into instrument handles, probes, and tools, the designer can keep focus on the form and function of their equipment. The high density of the connector quite often allows for a reduction in overall device size. Other uses include cables that connect key equipment in the physician’s office or hospital room to computers or monitors outside of the patient area.   

Omnetics offers several sizes of pre-molded circular connector insulators that are immediately available.  Standard connector pin- counts, offer a number of termination choices.  Solder cups, pre-wired, and thru-hole designs are all stocked to assist in rapid completion of early assemblies for testing. The connectors have proven reliability based upon being built with elements and materials that have passed very severe tests required of military and aerospace industries. 

Cable design assistance and selection is a key part of what Omnetics offers.  It is often important to target minimum diameter cables with maximum flexibility to improve equipment ease of use and patient comfort.  When higher speed video is required, special twisted-pair or high definition cables are used.  Materials qualified for medical use are specified to prevent bacteria growth and ensure that the connection system withstands sterilization or disinfection methods to be used on the medical device.  Finished medical product designs often include over-molding of the connector and cable into a hand-held assembly, a panel interface or a docking station.  For a quick visualization of an over-mold concept design or the final assembly, Omnetics uses web conferences and three-dimensional models that are shared with the designer on-line.   

Circular connector formats and details of over-molding and cables are available on the Omnetics Connector web site at 

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Harwin Archer IDC archer idc.bmp

Harwin have added to their 1.27mm pitch of board to board connectors with a range of IDC connectors and cable assemblies. Genalog is pleased to announce that we are stocking the entire range of both straight latched headers (in loose and tape and reel format) and all of the IDC sockets. On a 1.27mm x 1.27mm pitch the sizes are 5+5, 10+10, 13+13, 17+17, 20+20 and 25+25 ways.
In addition to offering the piece parts from stock we can also manufacture the IDC assemblies to customers’ exact requirements from our in-house assembly service. Samples and data are available on request.

Our sales department are always happy to help with any requests you may have.


Omnetics Miniature Connection

Applications and Insights on Products and Applications at Omnetics

“Custom and Modified Connectors” are quickly available by working on-line with the designers at Omnetics.  Miniature circuitry often requires application-specific connector shapes to fit into the equipment they serve.  To begin, an engineer can view current designs available on the website and then call or email some of your changes and or questions.  Omnetics can set you up with an online session and or send you a suggested size and shape to meet your needs.   Omnetics tries to answer these inquiries within two days of receiving the request.      

Omnetics 3-D models are created as STEP files, (STP), and made to be imported into a variety of different CAD programs, such as Pro-E, Solid Works, and Inventor.  Once imported at the customer’s site, the models can be moved and manipulated within a design.  Positioning can be checked for size constraints, measurements can be taken and board layouts determined.   STEP files are freely down-loadable, allowing designers immediate assurance the new connector will fit their instrument needs. 

STEP files are also available with existing COTS and Standard Connectors as well as any connector in our catalog.  This is useful for looking in more detail at how the connector and cable will fit into one of your designs.  By overlaying the Omnetics STEP file onto a similar file that includes the application it is easy to visualize how the units fit together.

See more info and sample designs click the link below.

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Omnetics Rolls out the Micro 360

The Omnetics Micro 360™ Circular Series (Spaced on .050” / 1.27 mm centerlines) is ideal for
tight spaces and rough environments, featuring a mated length of less than 12.4 mm. Both the male and female contacts are shrouded by the plastic insulators which houses the contacts ensuring that the contacts are protected both during mating and de-mating. The outer diameters range from 5.6 mm to 10.0 mm.

Micro 360's performance starts up front with the contact system itself. Omnetics gold plated Beryllium Copper flex pins contacts are capable of over 2,000 mating cycles. The insulators are available in pin configurations of 5, 12, 16 and 27, while the connectors are available pre-wired, soldercup and solid striaght tru-hole.

The insulator is comprised of LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer), although Omnetics can offer a more rough options, featuring a metal housing which allows way for an environmental seal. Metal versions of the Micro 360 are also available in both a threaded and twist lock configuration. The twist lock version of the Micro 360 features a simple quarter turn lock apparatus, these cables are also available with a water tight seal.

In both of the configurations, plastic and/or metal housed, these high density circulars have the ability to withstand vibrations and hig shock while maintaining its electrical reliability.

A variety of shell materials and finishes are available. Many standard and custom options are available including bulkhead mounts, cable harnesses, specialty metals and plating.

For more Micro 360° info go to:

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Omnetics Introduces the New Polarized Nano Series

Just when they thought it wasn’t possible, Omnetics has just got smaller. This is the new Polarized Nano series. This product is the most compact  arrangement so far that is coming out of Omnetics Corporation.

The insulators are designed to hold one row of pins and one row of sockets. This particular configuration effectively polarizes the connector without the additional space required for guide pins.

The .025” (.64mm) spacing and mil quality, gold plated contact system makes this design one of the smallest Hi-Rel connectors on the market at this moment in time. This series is available in position sizes of 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12.

This connector family is ideal for small instrumentation applications amongst others and offers roughly 1 Amp per contact. The termination options include; Pre-wired Cabled, Straight and Right Angle Thru-hole as well as the Horizontal and Vertical SMT.

Also, customer harnesses can also be available so please contact for information.

For more Polarized Nano info go to:

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Omnetics Help Guide Curiosity To A Safe Landing On Mars

Omnetics Connector Corporation uses specific space qualified materials, its miniature size and low overall weight, to play a vital role in performance and success within the Deep Space exploration industry.

On August 6th, the world sat still quietly awaiting word of a Mars landing, and at 1:25 am ET that wait was over.  “Curiosity”, the world’s largest object ever placed on Mars emerged. Treading the path that many countries and researchers have tried, developed and failed, “Curiosity” stands alone on many fronts.  From the research and development stages, to the seven minutes of terror, each component aboard had a distinct job to do.  Omnetics space qualified pin and socket nano-miniature connectors were some of those vital components aboard.  Omnetics Connector Corporation provided over a dozen nano connectors used within two Miniature Inertial Measurement Units, (MIMU) aboard “Curiosity”.  These components were vital in terms of ensuring a safe landing for “Curiosity” on the red planet.  Connector designs can be seen at

Working within the two MIMU’s, Omnetics connectors were used to support the space craft guidance and altitude control back to the folks in mission control at NASA”s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  This particular aspect of the mission to Mars was vital in terms of ensuring a safe landing.  Travelling at nearly 13,000 MPH leading into the final stages, “Curiosity” had less than seven miles to come to a screeching halt, and the SUV sized rover certainly did not disappoint. Neither did the components involved.  This was Omnetics Connector Corporation’s second successful mission to Mars since 2008, with the Phoenix Mars Rover being the first. Omnetics specifically selected materials for thermal-expansion match to sustain continued performance from launch pad through geo-thermal orbit conditions.  Materials were also used to insure low out-gassing as temperatures vary significantly during the trip.  Increased densification of cable diameter and nano-miniature connectors offer significantly reduced weight and lower payload costs.  Special designs helped with unique cable requirements to solve EMI, cross-talk and high speed problems. Connector back-shells, strain-reliefs, braided shields and special cables are often used to improve handling and extend the life of critical systems.  

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Harwin Expand EZ-BoardWare Range

Harwin announce additions to the their EZ BoardWare range. These additons eliminate the need for costly secondly operations.

The new addtions include:

EZ-Cable Clips...

SMT PCB Socket...

EZ-Jumper Links...




Alpha introduce EcoWire

Genalog has partnered with Alpha Wire to continue to bring you the latest and greatest in wire, cable, tubing and wire management products. Alpha Wire gives you choices so you can find the exact products for your application. We offer the brands respected in the industry—like the high performance of Xtra-Guard cable, the broad offering of Manhattan electrical cable, the seaworthy toughness of Dearborn marine cable, or the exceptional sealing and protection of FIT heat-shrink tubing. We have a wide range of wire, cable, tubing, and accessories that will make any application perform to spec.

Alpha Wire’s EcoWire™ Hook-Up Wire, Better Performing, Better for the Environment

Alpha Wire’s Eco Wire™ is the latest innovation in hook-up wire, a true engineering breakthrough. Eco Wire combines increased performance with minimal environmental impact. Smaller and lighter, yet tougher than its PVC based counterparts, Eco Wire is the environmentally friendly alternative to PVC.

EcoWire Highlights
Compared to PVC:

· Up to 45% smaller diameter

· Up to 40% lighter weight

· 10x abrasion resistance

  • Non-halogenated
  • UL AWM 11028
  • Oil resistant to Oil Res. 1
  • Meets VW-1 UL 1581
  • -40°C to +105°C temperature range

Applications - EcoWire provides many advantages over PVC and is a perfect fit for a broad range of hook-up wire applications. Due to these advantages it is also being adopted for use in the automotive and consumer electronics industries.
Product Specifications
Materials - Conductors: Stranded or solid tinned copper , Insulation: mPPE (modified polyphenylene ether )
Electrical - Voltage: 600 volts
Physical & Mechanical - Temperature Range: -40°C to +105°C
UL AWM Style 11028
RoHS compliant
REACH compliant

Stock Colors -
White, Black, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Brown, Orange, Slate, Violet, Yellow/Green
Availability & Pricing - EcoWire is available for order immediately in sizes ranging from 28 to 10 AWG. It is available in 100 ft and 1,000 ft put-ups in a stranded construction, with 18 and 14 AWG also available in a solid construction. Samples are available upon request through your Inside Sales Associate.

**EcoWire is a trademark of Alpha Wire

Latching Micro-D Connectors from Omnetics

Omnetics Connector Corporation, a world leader in miniature connector and cable harness solutions, has entered the Micro-D market. Within less than a year of making the decision to enter the Micro-D mix, Omnetics was awarded QPL status on Mil-DTL-83513 (Slash 01 through 04). Just entering the fray was not enough for the innovative company. Omnetics had designed a revolutionary latching mechanism for the connector. Historically Micro-D retention options were limited to screws. There has been no simple to use tool-less locking mechanism available until now. Omnetics has created a robust latching system that replaces the screws with finger release side latches on the Micro-D.

Omnetics offers this latching system in two different ways. The first option is to have the latching mechanism built directly into a metal housing that was designed specifically with the latching system in mind. The second way allows users to retrofit the latching mechanism into existing Micro-Ds. The retro fit kit utilizes the standard holes typically used to house the different styles of retention screws. Both these latching systems designed, developed and produced by Omnetics are classified as patent pending.

The Latching Micro-D comes with standard pin counts from 9-51 positions and is organized on a 50 mil (1.27 mm) pitch. This Latching Micro-Ds utilize the same contact system that Omnetics uses in their QPL Micro-Ds per MIL-DTL-83513. The performance matches and exceeds the requirements of MIL-DTL-83513. The positive latching process quickly mates and de-mates when as needed without the use of tools or the need to unscrew fasteners. The operator can click it and forget it. Designed for a wide variety of markets including Instrumentation, Medical, Avionics and Homeland Security, this new connector is sure to get noticed in the industry very quickly.

International Sales Manager, Joe Held of Omnetics, says “We have been one of the world leaders in miniaturization and nano sized connectors for many years. We have always been driven to make connectors that were smaller than Micro-Ds. We had made the decision to stay out of the crowded Micro-D market and stuck to that decision for over 25 years. However, we have noticed more and more Micro-D manufacturers coming into our nano world. To stay competitive we made the business decision in 2010 to enter the Micro-D market. In true Omnetics’ fashion we decided to do so in a revolutionary way with an innovative improvement to an old standard.”

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Worlds Smallest Circular Connectors Now Available in Break-Away Format.

Omnetics nano series of circular connectors are now available in a break away configuration. These connectors are the smallest Mil-Quality circulars available today. With the ability to withstand high shock and vibrations while maintaining their electrical integrity, the break away feature is ideal for the most demanding applications where size and ruggedness are valued. Designed with an extra retention spring these connectors are engineer to release (break away) at a pre-determined force. These connectors are also available with added waterproof sealing up to IP-68 for the mated pair.

These high density multi-position connectors are available in sizes from 2-28 positions and have contacts arranged on a .025” (.64 mm) pitch. Utilizing a military quality contact system these connectors are ideal for applications where size, weight and overall reliability are critical

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Omnetics most Compact Connector Offereing to date.

The Polarized Nano series is the most compact arrangement yet coming out of Omnetics Connector Corporation. The insulators are designed to hold one row of pins and one row of sockets. This configuration effectively polarizes the connector without the additional space required for guide pins.

The .025" (.64 mm) spacing and mil quality, gold plated contact system makes this one of the smallest Hi-Rel connectors on the market today. The Polarized nano series is available in 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 position sizes.

Termination options include: Pre-Wiring, Straight tail, Horizontal SMT, and Vertical SMT.

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New EMI/RFI shielded Datamate connectors from Harwin expand the J-Tek range

Harwin Datamate S-Tek ConnectorsHarwin are pleased to announce that its 2mm Datamate hi-rel connector family is now available with single-piece, machined metal backshells that provide electrical screening against RFI and EMI interference.

Manufactured in aluminium alloy and nickel plated for electrical performance and corrosion resistance, when used in conjunction with the relevant J-Tek Datamate connectors and metal braid, these backshells ensure full 360 degree electrical shielding.

Designed to attach to a wide variety of standard metallic braids using industry standard tools, the backshells enable the shield braid to be connected through the backshell to the PCB ground plane.

Available in female cable-to-PCB-mount and female cable-to-panel-mount configurations in a range of sizes including 6, 10, 14, 20 and 26 positions, the backshells also provide excellent design flexibility.

Harwin Datamate S-Tek ConnectorsComments Product Manager Paul Gillam: “Designed to improve high speed transmission of signals and data by ensuring good protection against radio frequency and electromagnetic interference (RFI/EMI), the Datamate S-Tek connectors with backshells will suit many applications in the Military and Aerospace marketplace, as well as in Industrial Electronics and Control system applications.”

Delivering 55/125/56 (-55 to +125°C, 56 day damp heat steady state) performance levels the new backshells are mechanically strong and easily assembled using industry standard tooling. The Datamate J-Tek connectors also feature jackscrews for added mating security.

Genalog wins Distributor of the Year Award from Omnetics Connector Corp.

Receiving the award is Genalog's Managing Director, Mr. Graham Reed from Mr. Joe Held – International Sales Manager for Omnetics Connector Corp.

March 2012: Omnetics, known for their high quality miniature Nano and Micro connectors including the MIL-DTL-32139 spec Bilobe connector range have been associated with Genalog for the last 5-years. During that time Genalog have been successful in introducing the various product ranges to a whole wealth of customers.

Joe Held said "Genalog has been an Omnetics' authorized distributor in the United Kingdom since 2007. In that time, we have seen our sales in the U.K. consistently double on an annual basis. In 2011, Omnetics business in the UK grew by over 200%. Genalog has been the driving force behind this remarkable growth. They have been successful in penetrating our three most prominent markets; Defence, Medical and Petroleum.  Genalog Ltd has given Omnetics a local presence in the U.K. and brings to the market a high level of technical expertise and outstanding customer service.   They have exhibited an amazing amount of persistence, hard work and dedication in promoting Omnetics Connector Corporation. I am pleased to recognise Genalog with all their effort with this award."

Graham Reed said, " On behalf of everyone at Genalog, we are very pleased to win this award. It reflects the hard work and dedication our team has given to all of our customers over the last few years and we are now starting to be recognised as a serious alternative to some of the more established connector manufacturers in these fields. The quality of the product and service is excellent whilst maintaining very competitive prices. I fully expect Omnetics to grow and grow in the UK".

Genalog is an independent, design-in, distributor based in Hawkhurst, Kent. Specialising in connectors, cables, cable-assemblies and associated products we have provided a quality service to our customers over the last 30-year.

Further information on Genalog can be found at
Further information on Omnetics can be found at

Harwin's Archer M50/M52 range delivers fine pitch reliability when you want it
Competitive pricing; in-depth stocks in the channels; free samples.

Harwin Archer ConnectorsHarwin's successful M50 and M52 fine pitch board-to-board connector series has now been given the brand name Archer.

The range is available in a wide variety of mating heights, with sockets from 2.2 to 8.5mm, and with different mounting options. Available in SIL and DIL styles with row spacings of 1.27 or 2.54mm,

Archer connectors feature a current rating of 1A per contact, voltage rating of 150V AC and an insulation resistance of 1,000MΩ minimum.

Insertion force is as low as 0.6N max, and the operating temperature range is -40 to +105°C.

  • M50-3xx and Variant Pin Headers - 1.27mm pitch double row headers and sockets
  • M50-4xx - 1.27mm pitch double row headers and sockets with polarisation and shrouding
  • M52, including Variant Pin Headers - 1.27mm x 2.54mm pitch, single and double row

Comments Wendy Bourne, Technical & Marketing Engineer: “We have chosen to bring together all our 1.27mm pitch connectors under the Archer brand to emphasize three elements: their price - they are several percentage points more cost-effective than the competition; their instant availability - they are stocked in depth for immediate despatch at Harwin and our distribution channel; and their reliability and high quality - key elements that Harwin has built its reputation on.” Wendy is available to discuss technical design-in questions on the Archer range - as well as Harwin's Datamate hi-rel connector family and other products - through our Live Help feature.

Harwin Archer ConnectorsHarwin's broad range of Archer connectors is available as evaluation samples, just fill out the request form on the right. They are suitable for a huge number of applications including industrial controls, test equipment, PoS terminals, security systems, automotive control units, communications and datacoms products, diagnostic equipment and Mil/Aero systems.




Harwin announces new series of commercial Mil-DTL style connectors

C90 connectors are IP67-rated; intermateable with other
MIL-DTL-5015 products

Portsmouth, September 2010

High-reliability interconnect company Harwin has announced that its C90 MIL-C-5015-style commercial connector series has been improved for increased ease-of-use.

Compatible with other MIL-C-5015-style devices, the new C90 connectors feature re-styled rear flanges and end-bells to deliver a more streamlined profile.

Available from stock in 10SL, 12S and 14S sizes and with end caps and rubber bushing attachments to suit the entire product family, the newly-available connectors increase design flexibility.

Termination options include cable, straight plug or panel mount style. Applications include mass transit, robotics, machine tools, welding equipment, extension leads, power cords and industrial and agricultural vehicles, plus COTS applications where Mil qualification is not mandatory.

End caps are available with inner or exterior thread, so it is possible either to screw the cap into or onto the connector. Rubber bushings deliver IP 67 sealing, protecting the connector from water dust and chemical ingress. End caps are manufactured from an aluminium alloy and are fully ROHS-compliant and competitively priced. To ensure end caps are not mislaid, they are attached to the connector body via a sturdy aluminium chrome chain.

Product Manager Paul Gillam commented: “We believe that our redesigned C90 connector family will facilitate and simplify new designs while remaining compatible with other MIL-DTL-5015 products that already exist in the market.”

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